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Laboratory Management, Safety, Training and Regulatory Compliance
The University of Washington and the Department of Immunology provide resources to promote effective laboratory management, laboratory safety, appropriate use of research animals and to ensure compliance with regulations.  Under the direction of federal and state regulations, the UW requires faculty, trainees and staff to complete training programs related to animal use and laboratory safety. The Department of Immunology has provided a comprehensive checklist for safety and health training relevant to faculty, students, fellows and staff.

UW Environmental Health and Safety Guide for Principal Investigators
UW Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) has compiled a comprehensive reference tool for Principal Investigators which outlines health and safety responsibilities, including EH&S laboratory training, chemical safety, radiation safety, biological safety and links to related resources.  The guide lists requirements for grant proposals, purchases and similar actions, and outlines how to plan for emergencies and disasters.
Learn more:  Information for Principal Investigators EH&S
Learn more:  Safety Guide for Principal Investigators EH&S UPDATED: 2018

UW Environmental Health and Safety
Learn more: UW Laboratory Safety Manual from EH&S
Learn more: Safety Information for Lab Staff from UW EH&S

Animal Training at the UW
All students, staff, or faculty working with vertebrates in any way must complete the UW Animal Use Training Program. Animal training is required for all animal protocols, and UW’s Office of Animal Welfare (OAW).  Register online for UW Animal Use Training.  Graduate students should submit a copy of the completion certificate for animal training to the Graduate Program Manager.

As part of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocol review process, the IACUC must ensure that personnel are qualified to perform the proposed animal procedures.  Any changes in personnel- including additions of rotation students – require IACUC approval. Training is also required as a part of the Biological Use Authorization (BUA) process.  If research involves biohazardous agents in animals or human gene transfer, a Biological Use Authorization is required prior to approval by the IACUC and the Institutions Review Board.

Safety Information for Immunology Laboratory Managers
The Department of Immunology laboratory managers have created a safety presentation that covers basic laboratory safety procedures. Download: Department of Immunology Safety Presentation.