Department of Immunology

Research Facilities

Located within a world-class research institution, the UW Department of Immunology utilizes technology provided by local and shared facilities.  Departmental faculty and trainees have access to multiple technology resources housed within basic and clinical departments at the main Seattle campus of the University of Washington and at the main department location in UW Medicine’s biomedical research hub, in South Lake Union.  Core facilities are also provided by our affiliate institutions.

Research Resources at UW Medicine South Lake Union

Immunology Intranet Site – UW School of Medicine


The Department of Immunology is home to the Cell Analysis Facility, a state-of-the-art facility that provides instrumentation and expertise in analytical and cell sorting flow cytometry.  The facility is available to the entire university community. Full-time assistance is available for all users of the facility, and educational opportunities are provided for trainees to develop sufficient expertise to manage their own flow cytometry studies. The facility offers:

  • Cell sorters and multi-color analyzers
  • Data analysis workstations
  • Experienced staff to assist with experimental design, sorting, and data analysis
  • Ethernet streaming of data to the facility server with secure FTP for access from any personal computer


Transgenic, gene-targeted knock-out and knock-in mice have assumed special importance in immunology, and are employed in the research programs of most Department of Immunology training faculty. The Transgenic Resources Program (TRP) is a core facility dedicated to the production and maintenance of transgenic and gene-targeted mice for a wide variety of scientific disciplines.  Full-scale technologies are available and include random integration overexpression, ES cell technology, gene-targeted knockouts, knockins, point mutations, inducible and temporal expression systems, as well as embryo cryopreservation and re-derivation.

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UW Medicine’s South Lake Union Campus houses biomedical researchers from departments in the UW School of Medicine, as well as the School of Public Health.  The facility is designed to maximize interdisciplinary work and to foster a collaborative spirit, to support the sharing of ideas and collegiality among the various researchers.  Consistent with this philosophy, the campus offers a number of core research facilities, many are accessible to researchers throughout UW Medicine.

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The University of Washington hosts a number of core research facilities on its main campus and at satellite campus sites.  These facilities are enriched by the support of many affiliate institutions, which allow members of the UW research community to utilize their core facilities.  The Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) has compiled a listing of the laboratory research resources located at the UW, satellite campuses, and affiliate institutions in a searchable directory.

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