Department of Immunology

Chair’s Letter

Our mission in the Department of Immunology at the University of Washington is to advance understanding of the function of the immune system in order to enhance our ability to fight infectious disease, cancer and autoimmunity. Basic research of all aspects of immunology is critical to our mission, and translational research is important to link our findings to the development of new therapies.

The department is composed of a highly engaged group of faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and research staff. We are an extremely collaborative community that seeks to provide excellence in research, education and service to the School of Medicine, the UW and the broader community.

We continue to be in the mode of growth and change. Since my appointment as Chair in October 2010, my primary focus has been to engage in recruitment of new faculty to expand our research and training mission at our growing UW research facility in South Lake Union. Most recently, a new Assistant Professor Dr. Elia Tait Wojno was hired and will join our faculty August 1; and long time faculty members Dr. Pamela Fink and Dr. Ed Clark retired in 2019 and were both appointed Professor Emeritus. Change like this only helps us grow and expand the arena to new immunological discoveries and provide new opportunities for training future researchers in immunology. I encourage you to read our annual newsletter for more updates and events coming in the fall, or consider making a donation to the Fund for Excellence in Immunology.

Collectively, our faculty, fellows, students and staff are on the forefront of research in areas such as infectious disease, autoimmunity and cancer immunology.

We look forward to sharing the excitement of our work in immunology with you.

Joan M. Goverman, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair