Department of Immunology

Admissions FAQs

What is the deadline date for applications?

The deadline is December 1 for all applicants (citizens and permanent residents of the United States and international applicants).

What is the earliest date I can submit my online application?

The UW Graduate School’s online application system is available year round. However for the sake of continuity, we appreciate having new applications submitted between August 1 and the deadline.  It is highly recommended that you do not wait until the last week to submit your application.

Is it possible to enroll during Winter, Spring or Summer Quarter instead of Autumn Quarter?

No.  New students matriculate only in September each year — which is AUTUMN QUARTER.  Thereafter, students register for full-time enrollment for all four (4) quarters every year until completing the program.

What is the INSTITUTION CODE for the University of Washington for ETS to report TOEFL scores, and do I need to use a Department or Program code as well?

The Institution Code is 4854.  There is no need to use a Department or Program code, but if you wish to, the code for Immunology is 0608.

How many students does the Immunology program enroll each year?

On average, 6-8 new students are enrolled each year.

What is the average undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) of students enrolled in the Immunology PhD program?

Since the inception of the Immunology PhD program at the University of Washington in 1989, the average undergraduate GPA of enrolled students is 3.65 in the standard U.S. grading system.  If the grading system at your university or college is different, it is up to the applicant to convert their score to the system used by the University of Washington.

Am I required to have taken the general GRE (and TOEFL for International applicants) before the date of application?

The Immunology graduate program no longer requires GRE scores for submitted applications as of the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

International applicants should take the TOEFL in the summer, if not earlier.  Under normal circumstances, September 1 should be the latest date for international applicants to take the TOEFL.

NOTE:  Only the TOEFL is recognized by the Immunology PhD program as the official test of English as a spoken language.  Other exams may not be substituted.

All test scores must be reported on your application, and you must instruct ETS to report your official scores by the application deadline to Institution Code 4854.

What is the minimum TOEFL score acceptable to the Immunology PhD program?

Minimum Required Score (ELP Required):
TOEFL pBT:  500

Recommended Score (ELP Satisfied):
TOEFL iBT:  92 or higher
TOEFL pBT:  580 or higher

For more information on the University of Washington’s Graduate School English Language Proficiency Requirements, refer to the Graduate School’s Memo 8.

The date on my TOEFL Score report is older than 2 years ago. Am I required to re-take the TOEFL exam?

TOEFL Scores older than 2 years are not accepted.  TOEFL Score Reports must be dated less than 2 years before the application deadline of November 1.

What items need to be mailed to the Immunology program?

Please do not mail any supporting document for your application.  The entire application process is online, including uploading the unofficial transcript(s).  If you have a problem with uploading information, please contact the Immunology PhD office via email at and someone will assist you.

How are the transcript(s) to be sent to the program?

Do not send/mail/courier official transcripts – we accept only unofficial transcripts uploaded online during the application process.

How should letters of recommendation be submitted?

Letters of Recommendation are only accepted via the online application system.  During the online application process, the applicant designates 3* people to write letters on their behalf.  The online system then contacts the letter writers with instructions.  The applicant is notified by the system if there is a problem, and also when the letter writer has submitted the letter online.
(* Only 3 letters are accepted.  Please do not send more than 3 letters.)

What is the UW Immunology Graduate Program’s timeline for reviewing applications?

Within two weeks of the U.S. application deadline, all completed applications will be evaluated by the Immunology Admissions Committee, which will create a list of top-ranked applicants to be invited for one, or possibly two, Interview/Recruiting sessions at the Department of Immunology in Seattle in mid-February.  HOWEVER, this year recruiting will be conducted virtually due to the COVID pandemic.  We try to send invitations to the recruiting sessions before the end of December.

Each applicant who is not selected for an interview will receive an email letter, which states that the Immunology Admissions Committee can take no further action on the application.  In general, if you have not heard about a possible interview by mid-January, it is unlikely that you will be invited to the Immunology department at the University of Washington for an interview.

What happens if I apply to more than one program at the University of Washington?

We encourage applicants to apply to more than one program, especially if the University of Washington is your top ranked school.  Each graduate program at the University of Washington is independent, and each application is separate.  The University of Washington collects an application fee each time you apply to a different program.  Please be sure to keep in touch with each program separately, and do not assume that one program’s application is applicable to any other program.  You may be invited to interview with more than one program, or you may be invited by one and declined by others.  Interview sessions cannot be combined or shared with other programs.

Students in the UW Immunology program are financially supported by the department with a competitive living expenses stipend, health care benefits, and paid tuition for the time they remain in good standing in the program. Are international students supported the same as U.S. citizens?

The department supports all students enrolled in the Immunology PhD program, regardless of national origin.

However, international applicants should understand that funding sources differ for international and U.S. students, and it may not be possible to support new international students.  Therefore, a moratorium may be placed on accepting new international students due to lack of departmental funding.

Does the Department of Immunology offer a Master’s degree program?

The Immunology department enrolls students only into the PhD program and does not offer a separate Master’s degree program.

I read through this entire FAQ, and my question wasn’t answered!  Now what?

Ask your question through the Immunology email and the Graduate Program Advisor will contact you.  Please be as specific as possible with your question because the more details you can provide us (such as whether or not you are on an international applicant, or if you contacted the graduate school and received conflicting information and what that information was), the more quickly we will be able to answer your questions.