Department of Immunology

August 26, 2019

Yahoo News – West Nile Virus Explained

Dr. Amy Stone, a former University of Washington Immunology postdoc in the Gale Lab, now Assistant Professor at Touro University in Nevada, explains that genetics plays a major role in determining a person’s response to West Nile virus. Based on the study, Dr. Stone predicts that a person who, due to genetics, has a strong response to the virus through their RIG-I like Receptors (RLR) is able to fight off the virus and will have mild or no symptoms. Conversely, the study predicts that a person who has a weak RLR response can’t control the virus which can spread to the spinal cord and brain, resulting in meningitis or encephalitis.┬áThis study is an early step to understanding how the virus can be countered. Read more…